Sparklite - Timbert Boss Guide

Sparklite - Timbert Boss Guide
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Despite Sparklite being a roguelike, it’s always good to know the attack patterns of each boss fight. Timbert is some kind of mechanical spider monster made of timber logs and metal and – I guess you didn’t come here to read a description. Cue the guide!

So if you’re wondering what to do when first confronted by Timbert the Lumbering Titan, pay attention to his leg… stump… things. Do you see a red gem on each of them, that means that that particular leg hasn’t been taken out yet. Slashing at them is an option, but you’re better off choosing one to target, charging an attack, waiting for it to stomp and then approach it to give it a good whack. This will then make the red gem go black and you’ll then have three to go.

Whilst on the mission to take down all four stumps, try to watch out for them rapidly flashing. When they do, run to create as much distance between you and Timbert as possible as his circular saw on his right arm is going to take a swipe at you.

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The last flash to watch out for is when Timbert’s left stump arm flashes, meaning that it’s going to start banging the ground where you are situated. Keep moving when this happens and when the stump is about to come down, dash away as shown below.

After you take down the four legs, the gem at the front of Timbert’s body will light up and will then be ready for you to strike. Get the most out of your limited time here by charging up your attacks and slamming down twice, followed up with a few more quick slashes for good measure.

Continue to follow these steps and you’ll be tasting sweet victory in no time.

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