Sparklite - Scubert Boss Guide

Sparklite - Scubert Boss Guide
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Despite Sparklite being a roguelike, it’s always good to know the attack patterns of each boss fight. Scubert has a pretty big tell and as long as you know how to avoid his attacks, he should be taken care of in no time.

First off, the weak point is the red base that periodically resurfaces. So when it does, hit it with all you got!

But it can’t just be that simple! When Scubert submerges its base, it’ll release bouncing balls all around itself. The best way to avoid these is as soon as you see Scubert begin to submerge itself, make for the edges of the room, giving you a better chance of avoiding them.

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When you’re attacking the base, be weary of the four cannons that are spaced out around it. They will shoot out lasers and you can avoid these by either running with them or jumping into the water and diving as they go over you.

The last thing to watch out for is Scubert’s little flying helper. This annoying guy won’t leave you alone unless you take him out, so it’s a good idea to focus your attention onto him and take him out quick so you can get back to the boss.

The helper will drop bombs at you, so your best bet is to wait for the audio cue and dash to avoid the explosion. After a few attempts, he’ll drop to the ground, which is when you’ll want to take him out.

Once you’re helper free and Scubert is up out of the water again, keep working at hacking away at its base until it goes down.

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