Sparklite - Baron Final Boss Guide

Sparklite - Baron Final Boss Guide
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Despite Sparklite being a roguelike, it’s always good to know the attack patterns of each boss fight. Baron is the final boss and it takes place in two phases. This boss fight is not easy so before you take it on and even before you read this guide, it is a must that you upgrade your stats as much as you can.

Phase 1

First, stick to one side and try to stay away from the middle. There are seven positions that Baron will appear at (not including the middle, but we’ll get to that). If you cover just one side, you can attack straight away when Baron appears there and focus on avoiding the attacks when he doesn’t. This saves you from running back and forth across the field and being hit when he slams down in the middle.

The first and most obvious attack is the one shown below. You’ll have a second of flashing to indicate where the beams are going to appear, so simply dash as quickly as you can to get into position (if Baron is within reach without putting yourself in danger, all the better).

You will also have lightning attacks come at you, whether they’re a bunch or a single one that will follow you. It’s because of these attacks that it’s best to keep moving, even when Baron is not on your side. The multiple blasts can be avoided by moving out of their way as they won’t move but the single attack, that attack is only avoidable if you dash at just the right time. Don’t panic when it hovers over you, you’ll simply need to run and wait half a second so as to dash when it flashes (indicating that it’s stopped moving). Otherwise, you’ll dash but the circle will just catch up to you and you won’t have the time to dash again.

After 7-8 attacks, Baron will appear in the middle, slamming down to the ground and creating a sonic boom circle around him. This is why it is wise to stay to one side as when you see Baron make for the middle, you can charge up a ranged attack.

On average, you can get two fully charged shots in until you need to stop and focus on making to the far side and avoiding the balls coming outwards from the middle.

Continue these steps, get Baron’s health down to empty and then we’ll be starting the next phase.

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Phase 2

Phase two is interesting because there aren’t too many more hints I can give. Throughout the course of the game, you’ll basically be fighting most of the enemies that you’ve fought before whilst trying to avoid oncoming attacks as shown above.

This phase is split into five separate sections, with the enemies getting increasingly stronger as you go. Here are some tips that I found to have worked:

Try to round up multiple enemies at once instead of taking them down one by one. This way after avoiding the most recent attack, you can power up a strong attack and hit many at once. Once you’ve taken out all of the enemies, head to the glowing circle rune up top and continue.

For the second section, same goes. However, what can get difficult is doing what we did before but with the bomb-throwing enemies getting in the way. Either lead the melee enemies away to take them out separately or take out the bomb-throwers first.

The third section is almost like the second but instead of bomb-throwers, there will be little kamikazi goblins. To avoid being knocked back by them, get them close to you and then when they stop to explode, dash to safety.

The fourth section is the same as the second, but all of the enemies take a lot more hits to be taken down. Stick to the same strategy as we had laid out for section two.

For the last section, the biggest threat is the big guys. Their attack pattern is that they will first swing their hammer in a full circle and then straight after, they will jump towards you, creating a wide circle of sonic energy around it.

Do not stop moving! And when the big ogre is about to jump and slam down at you, dash away. Here is where you should just simply use quick attacks as charging up attacks takes too much time.

It’s not easy but once you’ve taken them all down, head to the rune circle and celebrate your victory!

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