Showcase Saturday: Spirittea

Showcase Saturday: Spirittea
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In our first ever Showcase Saturday, we wanted to highlight Dan Beckerton’s Spirittea, a charming simulation game with an Edo-inspired Japanese setting. Drawing from Dan’s inspirations when he visited Japan, Spirittea highlights Japanese folk and spirit lore.

Here’s an overview of Spirittea:

In Spirittea you play as a writer who has moved to a small town in the countryside in hopes that the change of scenery will help you finish writing your book.  Unfortunately for you, this particular town has been going through some difficult times due to natural disasters, strange accidents and mysterious occurrences.  After drinking from an ancient teapot you gain the ability to temporarily see into the spirit world only to discover that the town is haunted by a bunch of angry spirits. It is up to you to re-open the old bath house on the mountain where the spirits once rested, and to search high and low to find and convince them to soak their stress away.  

In Spirittea your character is a writer, so in its simplest form the goal of the game is to finish writing the book you’ve started.  However, to do this you will need find inspiration from the activities you take part in:

  • Locate Spirits
  • Bath House Management
  • Befriending Locals
  • Fishing
  • Bug Catching
  • Digging for Treasure
  • Customise your Character
  • Figure Collecting
  • Gathering Tea
  • The Arcade Cabinet

And here we have their latest tweet showing an update on the game’s progress:

You can follow Spirittea‘s development on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Discord.