Rumor: Nintendo Direct on January 10th?

Rumor: Nintendo Direct on January 10th?
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GamingIntel, a website that has been right in the past concerning Nintendo Directs, reveals that the next one shouldn’t be too far away.

At the end of of December 2018, their source stated:

There is a Nintendo Direct planned for January. I’m working to gather more information on it as of now.

Bringing us to now, their source had this to say:

I was told January 10th from one source. This hasn’t been cross checked between sources. Most of my other sources are still undecided on an exact date, but certain of a Nintendo January Direct.

It isn’t all that surprising to hear that a Nintendo Direct will be happening this month as the Big N generally have Directs to kick-start the year. That being said, January 10th is only a week away and we can’t help but get excited!


Do you think we’ll be seeing a Nintendo Direct on January 10th? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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