River City Girls: Yamada Boss Guide

River City Girls: Yamada Boss Guide
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The second boss guide for Retro City Girls is for Yamada, a broken-hearted teenaged boy who has turned to the dark arts. Let’s start off with…

Phase 1

As soon as the fight begins, lay into him with a few kicks until he’s knocked down.

When he gets back, he’ll do a quick teleport next to where you are at that point and fire off a quick energy burst attack. Avoid this by either walking up or down until he’s finished his attack.

Repeat this process until you get to…

Phase 2

When Phase 2 kicks off, Yamada will summon two objects and an apple that will spin around him in a clockwise formation. If you’re following the guide, then you should be ok to ignore the apple, step inside the circle and just start wailing on him.

Aside from that, his routine is basically the same, except for one noticeable difference. Every now and then, Yamada will summon two block pillars that he’ll attempt to sandwich you with. When this happens, double-tap upwards or downwards (whichever is most convenient for you at the time) in order to avoid becoming a River City Pancake.

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Continue to wail on Yamada when you can until you get to…

Phase 3

When Phase 3 begins, Yamada will send glowing lights along the ground toward you. When this happens, you’ll want to double-tap up or down to avoid it and then run away from it to safety.

Aside from doing that here and there, Yamada will simply apply the same attacks as from Phase 2, but quicker and with more velocity. As long as you stick to the instructions laid out above, you should be able to take him down no problem.

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