River City Girls: Misuzu Boss Guide

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The first boss guide for Retro City Girls is for Misuzu, a big dumb school student who does work on the side as a security guard. Let’s start off with…

Phase 1

Hit Misuzu with some quick attack combos so that she is sent into the air and land on her butt on the ground.

While she’s down, do a single strong attack for extra damage. Just don’t get greedy! Once you’ve done that one strong attack, walk away to create some distance between the both of you.

This is because she will punch the ground and if you’re within that radius, you’ll take some pretty hefty damage.

Rinse and repeat until you enter:

Phase 2

To begin Phase 2, Misuzu will charge up Super Saiyan style and release a burst of frustration energy. Simple create some distance between the two of you and you should be able to avoid it quite easily.

Her first attack should be to charge at you. To avoid this, double-tap up or down on either the joystick or D-Pad to quickly dodge at the last moment.

If you get too close to Misuzu, she’ll also take a swipe at you, so do your best to keep your distance when she is idle.

Her main attack is to jump high into the air and butt-slam down onto you. For this, wait until her shadow is locked onto you and then dash to the left or right to move out of her way. Once she crashes down onto the ground, repeat the attacking process that we had done in Phase 1.

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Repeat this process until you reach…

Phase 3

Phase 3 is practically the same as Phase 2 except that Misuzu is quicker and more ruthless. As long as you stick to the strategy that we laid out in Phase 2, she’ll be down in no time!

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