Relicta is a first-person puzzle game set in the 22nd century from the perspective of Laia Alami, a genius physicist who finds herself stranded on the Chandra Base located around the Moon. With her daughter's life and safety at risk, all system communications down  and no one around to help her, Laia must gather clues and solve gravity-defying puzzles...


  • Clever physics-manipulating puzzles
  • Smooth performance
  • Interpersonal characterisation that benefits from a grand universe of a setting

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  • Arbitrary invisible walls
  • Lack of map when exploring the inside of a ship that doesn't vary much in detail
  • Struggles graphically on Nintendo Switch with a performance over fidelity approach

Final Score: 75%

Sure, Relicta doesn't look pretty on Nintendo Switch but its ingenious puzzle design more than makes up for it. The world building and characterisation gives birth to a wonderful blend of personal story development that compliments its out-of-this-world science fiction motif. While other first-person puzzle games like Portal and the more recent The Talos Principle may implement the genre's nuances with a little more poise, Relicta still has a lot to offer for first-person puzzle fans and in spades.

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