My Friend Pedro: Ophelia Boss Guide

My Friend Pedro: Ophelia Boss Guide
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Ophelia is a tricky one to do a guide for as she is simply another you. She is fast and will use assault rifle just like you should also.

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First off, don’t worry about taking cover behind any boxes. With so many bullets being sprayed all over the place, there won’t be any boxes left really quickly into the battle. Also, make sure to not stand still and keep moving.

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The best strategy that can be given with this boss fight is that when you are on the same level as Ophelia, be sure to slow down time so that you can dodge her bullets.

When you are on a different platform than Ophelia, conserve your time ability and make sure to keep moving. If you need to lay low for a while to refill your time meter, use the two solid platforms on the left and right to momentarily hide from the Ophelia’s bullets.

Other than that, just be quick and don’t give up.