KUNAI Walkthrough Part 8 - Crypto Mines / Zen Mountains / Rocket Launcher

KUNAI Walkthrough Part 8 - Crypto Mines / Zen Mountains / Rocket Launcher
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Metroidvania’s can be head scratchers, and KUNAI is no different. Part 8 will help you through the Crypto Mines and the Zen Mountains in order to obtain the Rocket Launcher.

Where to go next?

To be perfectly honest, I got a little lost as to what to do next. However with enough perseverance and stress, I figured it out!

In the Resistance Camp, make sure that you go to the Wi-Fi Router to unlock the Slingshot ability. Here, there’s a Robot that tells you about a guru in the Mountains. To get there, we will need to go through the Mines.

And how do we get to the Mines?’, you may be asking.

Well, head here in the Artificial Desert…

Head through and you’ll get to the…

Crypto Mines

The first chest here in the Crypto Mines is part of the main path in plain sight.

Double jump to the left and use your SMGs as a jet pack to get to the other side.

Continue leftward to get to the first Save Point and left again to meet our first enemy, who I will call Axebot.

To take them down, your best bet is always going to be striking their backs from behind. Sometimes that’s easier said than done as Axebot is good at defending itself. You can attack from the front, but only when Axebot is attacking, so it’s not ideal to be standing in front of it at this point.

I can guarantee that I did get hit here.

Your best to keep moving and worst case scenario, move away from the fight and wait for Axebot to start walking back and forth mindlessly again to regain your advantage.

Proceed downward and left to get to the point where the pathway forks upward or downward. To continue the main plot, you’ll want to proceed upward. Jump and Kunai onto the ceiling and swing onto the floating platform. From here, head upward.

Follow the linear path up and around. You’ll need to be skilful with your Kunai. In the next room where it splits into three pathways, proceed up the left pathway if you have the Slingshot ability. Continue onward and when you’re in the horizontal room with a whole lot of lava in it, use your Kunai on the ceiling from the right of it and propel yourself upward to cling onto the left wall.

In this room, you can use the cracked blocks that are embedded into some of the platforms and walls. However when you cling onto it, it will crumble after two seconds – so be quick! Time your jump through the lava bubbles and continue upward, pulling off some crazy stunts.

Continue along the linear path; well, as much as what is available to you at the moment, and proceed onward to…

Zen Mountains

Head upward through the only exit that’s available and proceed leftward to follow the main path.

Keep going until you come across until you come across a new enemy: Rocketbot. This enemy can be attacked like normal, but the three rockets floating around it get in the way. Instead, wait in one spot for it to fire a rocket at you and hit it with your Katana to send it back at them.

Keep going and the samuraibots are another enemy to get in your way. These enemies are fast, but easily taken out by attacking from above as they can’t attack upward.

At the crossroads, head left to save at the Save Point before proceeding upward. Here, head up the left wall and follow it around so that you can jump onto the cloud. Before the clouds fades below you, jump to the right to the floating platform.

Proceed upward, jumping from one floating platform to the next, all the way to the top. In here, swing across the ceiling to avoid landing on spikes and drop down until you get to another crossroads. Proceed left and save your game at a new Save Point.

When you go right, you’ll be greeted with a new enemy: Cloudeye. Hit the eye with your Katana and when you defeat it, three more smaller eyes will appear and continue to go for you. There’s no trick to defeating them, just attack them with your Katana.

Drop down, right and in the big room, go through the top-right exit, follow this path and save at the Save Point. Keep following rightward and jump upward, using your Kunai on sections of the spike that have wall segments on them.

In the next room, proceed right and climb up the tall wall to the very top. Up here is where the next boss battle is: Zensei.

Upon defeating Zensei, you’ll gain the Rocket Launcher, which will give us many different abilities and unlock new avenues to explore.

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