KUNAI Walkthrough Part 7 - Haunted Factory Revisited / SMGs

KUNAI Walkthrough Part 7 - Haunted Factory Revisited / SMGs
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Metroidvania’s can be head scratchers, and KUNAI is no different. Part 7 will help you through the Haunted Factory once more and how to get the SMGs.

Haunted Factory 2: The Rehaunting

Now that we’re back in the Haunted Factory, head upward and right. You may not have realised it at the time but the door that you couldn’t proceed through requires your Shuriken to open.

In here, you’ll encounter a new enemy: The Time Wizard:

No, not that Time Wizard… This Time Wizard:

I found this enemy to be quite tricky at first as it deals a lot of damage and his difficult to pinpoint until you learn its movement patterns. The best way to combat it is to either stun it with a Shuriken before it decides to teleport or if it has already, DO NOT MOVE. The Time Wizard will always appear next to you and you’ll have a second to strike at it before it decides to go KABOOM.

Moving on from that, the next room will have you avoid being squished by the big block on a chain. I think we’ve all played platformers enough to know that I don’t need to explain this, rather I believe it’s important to ask the question: who keeps installing these things in villains’ factories and castles?!

When you drop down, there will be another new enemy. Let’s call this one the Drill Robot. Your best bet is always going to be ranged attacks but as we only have the Shuriken right now, simply stun it and then run up and slash away at it before it decides to start drilling again.

In the next room, wait for the chain block to drop to the ground and then jump on top of it. Ride it as it retracts upward and then make to the right to a Save Point.

Continue rightward and speak to the robots standing outside of the chamber. Here, you’ll get to look inside and see the Mech inside all Sephiroth Jenova style. We can’t get inside just yet, so we’ll need to do some more exploring.

Using your Kunai, head upward and through the right pathway. We’ll come back to the left pathway later.

Follow this linear pathway, avoiding the chain blocks on the conveyor belt, until you meet a new enemy that I shall call the Kamikazebot. With these guys, once again before we have any other ranged weapons, if you try to attack too close or let it get too close to you, it will want to go KABOOM. So, your best bet here is to throw a Shuriken at it, run, jump over it and whilst above it, strike downward. But that’s when it’ll begin it’s very quick countdown, so make sure to create some distance between you and it.

If you’ve done everything correct, you should be here…

In here, we’ll have Ghostbots that won’t attack and cannot be attacked until they become solid. This is when they’ll shoot a beam at you, so a quick Shuriken before that happens or an attack from above or below works well.

Head up and left for a handy little Save Point. Now make for the far right and continue along the conveyor belt. Be mindful of the saws and spikes but remember that there is a little bit of solid ground after each belt, so you won’t go flying into anything.

When you get to the bottom belt, focus on jumping over the spikes before taking out the Time Wizard, as that way you won’t have to worry about fighting and not getting skewered at the same time. Now, wait until the chain block is being pulled back upward before smashing the breakable blocks to continue and continue on your merry way. However when you jump over the second spike wall, be mindful of the chain block at the very top to the far-right as that one can catch you unawares.

Ride the chain block up to the top, open the chest and continue to the right. In this room, be careful of the mines as if you step on them, they will go boom on you. You can throw Shurikens to activate them from a distance, but that’s really your only option aside from avoiding them altogether. Take the right exit and follow that until you get to the Save Point.

In the next room to the left, you’ll be greeted by mines on a conveyor belt. Above the belt, there is a gap between two rows of shiny blocks. Jump and throw a Shuriken between them, activating a button that will reverse the direction of the belt.

Now you can hop onto the belt in-between two mines and ride it all the way to the other side.

In the next room, you may think to want to run through at the most opportune time. However, your best bet is to use your Kunai on the wall to your right and jump on top of the chain blocks to completely avoid being squashed. Continue to the left when they chain blocks go down and jump to the next group. Do that once more where there are two blocks and as they go down, walk to the right to hide in the crevice there. When the chain blocks start moving up, run to the left through them to safety.

Dropping into the room below, you’ll be locked into a brawl with continuously spawning enemies. We’ve faced these enemies before, so it’s all about using what we’ve learned.

In the next room to the left, use your Kunai upward and flick the switch to open up a pathway back to where we came from.

From here, don’t proceed left but instead, drop all the way down to the bottom. Go right and follow a relatively linear path using everything that we have learned from this dungeon until we reach the section shown on the map below…

From here, drop downward and in this room, you’ll be greeted with many circular saws. Only attempt to move past the first saw when it goes underneath the ground as it will stop halfway when going upward.

The saws above go all way both upward and downward, so you’re good with those when the best opportunity arises. Be careful of the fourth saw, the saw as you drop down from the platform above. Continue onwards, being mindful of the spikes and then enter the next room with even more saws! Time your runs carefully with the spinning saws.

In the next room, you’ll need to swing above the saws and when you drop down below, use your Kunai on the wall to the right in order to avoid landing on the saws below. Use your Kunai again leftward to avoid being sliced and diced.

Carry on to the Save Point and in the next room, we have a little puzzle. As you are fully healed from the Save Point, stand above and to the right of the rightward mine to make it explode. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to drop down below the other two mines. From here, shoot your Shuriken upward at the middle mind and run to the right quickly before it explodes. Do the same with the left mind and you’ll be able to move back up and grab the SMGs.

To get back across to the right side, jump rightward and whilst in midair, shoot downward and edge right to use your SMGs as a makeshift jetpack (so cool!).

Now in the next room, you’ll be going up against Furious Ferro!

Beating Furious Ferro will open up the door to the Mech because reasons. We now have to backtrack but instead, head to this frame on the map, which is the point where we could have turned left before but we went down instead…

Here, you can use your SMGs to jetpack over to the other side, which is so cool! Head through the next room with the chain blocks and once you get through that, you’ll be in a very familiar spot. Jump on top of this chain block, ride it to the top, save at the Save Point and then make for the newly opened door to enter the Mecha-TBY Lab.

Speak to the second robot, the one closest to the centre, and it’ll give you some hints as to what to do next. However, there’s something that we need to do first, which we will cover in Part 8.


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