KUNAI Walkthrough Part 6 - Abandoned Subnet / Restoring the Forge

KUNAI Walkthrough Part 6 - Abandoned Subnet / Restoring the Forge
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Metroidvania’s can be head scratchers, and KUNAI is no different. Part 6 will help you through the Abandoned Subnet and restoring the Forge.

Abandoned Subnet

When you arrive in the Abandoned Subnet, take a minute to chat to all of the robots and explore a little. There’s a Wi-Fi Router where you can upgrade your abilities on a floating platform near the top and to the right before dropping down, there’s a Forge, but you’ll need to get the lava flowing again if you want to use it.

Now save at the Save Point located in the middle of this area and when you’re ready, move down the long drop next to the robot guarding a makeshift prison cell.

From here, we can’t go left yet until we’ve obtained the Rocket Launcher. So we want to go right and have a chat to the Chief. He’ll say that we can finally enter areas of the Haunted Factory, but let’s do a few things first. Continue heading right down a long corridor until you run into The Deprecator. This is a boss battle that honestly, I didn’t expect at the time.

Once you’ve defeated The Deprecator, continue heading right and you’ll come to a new area. But we’re not going to be here for long. Simply jump down and flick the switch here to get the lava flowing again.

Now head back to the Abandoned Subnet and go back to the Forge. Now that we’ve got the lava flowing again, the blacksmith will upgrade our Katana… at a price?! We just saved his business and he wants to charge us full price? Rude!

Once we’ve done this, we can head back to the Fallen City. For a quick way to get their from the Abandoned Subnet, in the main room of this area, proceed up-left, go through the door, proceed up and around and use a Shuriken on the button. Continue onwards to the right to revisit the Haunted Factory, the first dungeon of the game.

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