KUNAI Walkthrough Part 4 - Artificial Desert

KUNAI Walkthrough Part 4 - Artificial Desert
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Metroidvania’s can be head scratchers, and KUNAI is no different. Part 4 will help you through the Artificial Desert.

Upon landing on the hot sand in the Artificial Desert, make your way to the left and flick the switch on the lift to go down (very elegantly). Down here, make your way to the left and you’ll arrive in…

Resistance Base

In here, you’ll notice Earl next to a Wi-Fi Router that will allow you to upgrade your abilities. From here, jump up to the platform just above Earl and then jump to the left where you’ll meet the robot Chief who has his head wrapped in bandages. Once you’ve done that and gotten some advice and story beats, talk to the robot just right of the Chief to obtain the ability to Double Jump.

Now that we’ve done all we can here, head back to the bottom of the lift and proceed to the right to a Save Point. Head back up where we had fallen by using the kunai and start heading right when the Chief will call. He’ll say that we need to head to the east to the Shrine, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Artificial Desert

The enemies that you’ll encounter along the way are tricky, but we’ve got the Katana. The Bee will try to dive and jab at you, so we want to avoid that and when they get stuck in the sand, we can attack it. You can also jump to attack it, but the Bee is quick and will often dodge your attempt.

Secondly, you’ll notice some little maggot-like creatures that will jump and cling onto you. They won’t do any damage and they can’t be defeated, but when they have a hold of you, you’ll slow down and lose the ability to use your kunai. To get rid of them, rapidly swing your Katana and jump to get away from them.

Continue right and then again to the Artificial Desert. Keep heading right, jumping from platform-to-platform and follow the linear path until you move upward and are at a crossroad. Move left and encounter a new enemy which I’ll refer to as the Big Sword Robot. This one is a tough customer, but there’s always a strategy. When it jumps and rolls in midair, attempt to jump over it and strike downward to gain the advantage. The Big Sword Robot will attack left or right, so hitting it from above is a surefire way to gain the ‘higher ground’.

Now head left and get to a Save Point. Proceed rightward over the spiked block and the gap we came up from. In the next room, use your Kunai on the wall gap to the right in between the spikes and wait for the two crawlers on the left to move out of the way in order to kick off and cling onto the left wall and make your way upward.

When you reach the top, make to the right and at the crossroad, head downward.

Head to the bottom-left of this room and follow this linear path until you get to the robot before the spikes. Use your kunai with full momentum to grapple onto the ceiling to fling over to the other side.

The next section is quite tricky and will require you to have a solid grasp on the Kunai mechanic. First, drop down and use your right Kunai to cling onto the middle pillar as far to its right as possible. With the momentum that will have you swinging, let go at the most optimal time to be propelled upward and land on the next platform that has a little safe haven above the spikes.

Next, do a little bit of a leap of faith and before hitting the spikes, do the same thing to the next pillar and when you’re about to land safely on the next section, attack the Big Sword Robot from above; you can even try attacking the Big Sword Robot into the spikes – that’s how I defeated this one.

Head to the right over the spikes in the next room and don’t bother going through the door on the right, we need the Shuriken to do anything in there. Instead, make upward and carefully swing Spiderman style until you get to the the next section with the Gunner Robots and the Bee coming from above. Continue onwards to the top-right until you get to the Save Point. Don’t bother heading leftward from here as it will simply lead you back to the beginning, which you won’t be able to get to yet from here without the Shuriken.

Proceed to the right, ignore the drop below as that is the exit from the Shrine that we’re heading to and instead, continue rightward. In the next section, proceed up-right from here and that is where we will find the entrance to the Shrine which we will cover in Part 5.

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