KUNAI Walkthrough Part 2 - The Quantum Forest

KUNAI Walkthrough Part 2 - The Quantum Forest
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Metroidvania’s can be head scratchers, and KUNAI is no different. Part 2 will help you through The Quantum Forest.

The Quantum Forest

When entering the Quantum Forest, make for the far left, kunai onto the left ledge and then to the right on the floating platform. Watch out for enemies hiding in the leaves, they’re sneaky; I suggest slashing at each one, just to be safe, but you can tell if there’s an enemy hiding if the leaves are rustling.

From here, use your kunai on the ceiling and swing back and forth in order to get to the vines. With these you can continuously jump upward.

Proceed leftward by going left, upward and over the floating platforms to the bottom-left corner where you’ll go through a door. Continue to the left and use the vines to avoid the spikes below.

Proceed to the left, kunai upward and then left again. Now that we’re in the room filled with vines, drop down to the bottom and activate the switch there, opening up the door in the top-left corner in this room. Use the vines up to the door and proceed onward.

Please don’t comment on my lack of health here, I am well aware of my shame.

To get across the spikes in this new room, use the vines to jump from one to the next and get over to the other side. In the next room, head to the left through the middle exit, left again and left AGAIN as you jump over the gap with vines pictured below, you’ll find a Save Point.

Head back one frame to the right and drop down that gap to land on a platform where a robot will be. This robot will talk to you about a Map Chip (hallelujah!). To get this, we’ll need to find Dave in the Disconnected Woods. Jump down to the left and go through that exit.

In this room, drop down to the bottom-left and head through that exit to enter the…

Disconnected Woods

In the first room, the middle leaf pile will have a robot hiding… KILL IT! Ahem, now that that’s done, move in this order:

  1. Right
  2. Right
  3. Down
  4. Left
  5. Right
  6. Right
  7. Down
  8. Left
  9. Right
  10. Right
  11. Left
  12. Right
  13. Left

Follow this order and you’ll meet Dave and he’ll give you the Map Chip and will also allow you to save. Head to the right and you’ll be back outside the Disconnected Woods. From here, head to the right in order to cover more ground on the map and then upward until you get back to the robot that had initially told you about Dave.

Head right toward the ? on the map and you’ll enter the…

Resistance Camp

In here, make sure to first find the Wi-Fi Router next to Earl to upgrade your TABBs as you’ll most likely have many more gems to spend.

Once you’ve done that, head to the far right and have a chat to Boss – the robot with the beard and leaves on his head. From here, Boss will reveal some plot points until the cutscene has you going up to the airship (Battlecruiser Y4R).

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