KUNAI - The Guardian Boss Guide

KUNAI - The Guardian Boss Guide
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Metroidvanias can be head scratchers, and KUNAI is no different. This guide will go through how to most effectively defeat The Guardian.

Phase 1

Whilst avoiding the tornadoes, throw a Shuriken at either the left or right button in order to rid that wall of the shiny ungrappleable blocks. This will also make the four blocks to either side of The Guardian appear, to which you can grapple up the wall and stand on them.

When you get up there, throw a Shuriken at the button is the top corner. This will send an electrical current down the wire that it’s connected to towards The Guardian.

Instead of dropping down and running over, the safer way is to swing over the top of The Guardian with your Kunai and drop down to the bottom in order to throw a Shuriken at the other bottom button.

Do the exact same thing as you did to the other side here, sending the second current towards the boss.

The blocks you’re standing on will disappear and when you fall down to the ground, you want to time it so that when the orb gets struck, it will come crashing down and send shockwaves out either side of it. You’ll need to jump over these at just the right time.

Once that’s done, The Guardian will return to its centre spot and you’ll need to repeat the process two more times. However, the tornadoes and shock waves get stronger each time you shock the orb, so be careful. Once we’ve shocked it three times, we’ll move onto…

Phase 2

The Guardian will crash into the ground, destroying it and resulting you falling to the second area of the boss fight. Here is when The Guardian will show its true form, bursting out of its orb. Its main attack will be it grappling onto a platform, sending electric shockwaves through it. We’ll want to try and bait it to a platform so that we can jump off of it when it goes to shoot its hook. When you’re falling down, throw a Shuriken at it.

When The Guardian is vulnerable, jump above it and continuously strike downwards at it, getting repeated attacks onto it.

When The Guardian regains its composure and flies upward, continue to strike at it so that you go up with it. When it grapple hooks onto another platform, throw a Shuriken downwards at it so that it falls to the middle platform again.

Continue to strike downwards at it; lather, rinse and repeat.

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