KUNAI - The Garbage Collector Boss Guide

KUNAI - The Garbage Collector Boss Guide
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Let’s face it, boss battles can be difficult and KUNAI’s The Garbage Collector whilst it is the first boss, it still packs a punch. Here’s a little strategy to help you get through.

One of the very first moves at The Garbage Collector’s disposal is summoning enemies from wild beams of light. When you see this happening, attempt to run to the far side of the screen so as to avoid getting immediately hit. Once the enemies are summoned, go through and take them all out as quickly as possible as you’ll need as much space on the ground to yourself as possible.

When The Garbage Collector is floating around above with rocks and debris around it, don’t attempt to attack it. There’s nothing you can do here, so simply watch its movements.

When it’s floating from one side to the next with debris around it, that means that it’s going to swoop at you. Your best course of action is for you to move in the opposite direction that it is going in order to create as much distance as possible and when it does go for you, run towards and jump over it and attempt to hit it with your Katana.

When The Garbage Collector summons a floating rock platform, stand underneath the boss, use your kunai on the side of the platform, kick off from it and strike that sickle-wielding meanie. Don’t try to jump onto the platform as it takes too much time, that’s my advice.

However if you’re on the opposite side of the boss, kunai at the wall, kick off to jump onto the platform and do your best to get to The Garbage Collector before they summon more debris around itself.

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