KUNAI - Heart Pieces Guide

KUNAI - Heart Pieces Guide
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Metroidvanias can be head scratchers, and KUNAI is no different. This guide will reveal the location of every Heart Piece in each location.

Disclaimer: This guide is still a work-in-progress as we are still working hard to find and document every Heart Piece in the game. If you wish to help and know of a Heart Piece that we have yet to find or document, please email us at team@switchaboo.com and we will, of course, provide credit where credit is due.

Fallen City



For this chest, you’re going to need to have obtained the Rocket Launcher after having defeated Zensei at the Zen Mountains. Head here…

Upon standing on the platform here, shoot downwards with your Rocket Launcher to propel yourself upward and whilst in midair, grapple onto the top.

Proceed leftward and go up and around so that you can fire a rocket at the breakable boulders, where a chest is waiting for you.

Quantum Forest


In this mid-southern area of the Quantum Forest map, you’ll first be able to get there when you obtain the ability to double jump.

Jump to the left over the canyon, double jump and use your Kunai on the only part that you can as shown below to get to the other side.

Double jump here, but not too high that you hit the spikes on the ceiling.

Artificial Desert



For this chest in the Artificial Desert, we’re going to need to have acquired the SMGs. Head up the floating platforms that have the spiked creatures walking around the platforms until you get to the top.

Use your Kunai to grapple onto the ceiling and swing to gain momentum. Let go to the left and then use your Kunai again on the very edge and launch yourself leftward.

When you’re at the highest point, use your SMGs like a jetpack and make for as far left as possible. Once you’re in range of the ceiling that you can grapple on, do so and swing to safety in the top-left corner where a chest is waiting for you.

This task is admittedly a lot easier you have upgraded your SMGs to have your ammo last longer or obtained the ability to dash, but the chest is achievable without them, it’s just much more difficult.


This chest can only be reached after you have obtained the Rocket Launcher.

Fire downward to propel yourself upward where hidden above is the chest that we’re after.

Shuriken Shrine


Abandoned Subnet


In the room pictured below, jump to the top-right corner where there is a hidden entrance and a chest waiting for you.

Zen Mountains


In this room shown below, head up the left wall to the top-left.

Up here, there is a hidden opening that is hiding a chest with a previous Heart Piece.


In this section of the Zen Mountains map, a robot will be standing there mentioning a ‘leap of faith’. This is referring to the spikes to the left as when you jump into them, you’ll simply fall straight through to a new section.

Keep following the path downward, taking out Samuraibots along the way.

When you get to the end, you’ll be confronted by many enemies. Take them all out and the left chest will contain a Heart Piece.


As the road splits into two here, we want to head right to find two chests at once.

When heading right, you’ll want to dash through the bars.

The hidden entrance here is behind the waterfall.

Continue through the linear path, using your Rocket Launcher on the boulders and your Kunai to weave through the spikes.

And after all that, you’ll be rewarded with two chests.



This part of Robopolis is in a little store to the right of the three hanging platforms by rope.

Notice anything behind the robot shopkeep? That’s a chest!


I’m sure you noticed that other chest tucked away in the top-right in the Thumper…

Well when you’re outside, use your Kunai on the wall and climb it as there is a hidden path up there.

You can indeed walk up through here and drop down to the chest.

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