KUNAI - Furious Ferro Boss Guide

KUNAI - Furious Ferro Boss Guide
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First things first, only your SMGs will work on Furious Ferro. This boss fight is all about shooting in all four directions, so you simply need to prioritise mainly on staying alive long enough to do so and your ammo usage.

Furious Ferro will start on the ground but it’s first sign of movement will be to move straight towards you, so be ready for that. It will move in a clockwise direction, so shoot at it only when you have a clear shot and jump over and shoot downwards at it when it’s coming towards you.

Furious Ferro will then squish up to the ceiling and send black blobs raining down from above. Avoid these as best you can and try to stay to either the left or right of screen so that you don’t have little enemies coming at you from both directions.

These blobs can only be taken out with your Katana, so prioritise wiping them out first before you start shooting at Furious Ferro again. Still be mindful of when the boss starts moving again and each time is starts to do this, it will rotate in the opposite direction and alternate.

The further you get to taking Furious Ferro down, the stronger it will become. The rest of the fight is all about sticking to the strategy and quick dodging reflexes.

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