Metroidvanias can be head scratchers, and KUNAI is no different. This guide will reveal the location of every chest in each location.

Disclaimer: This guide is still a work-in-progress as we are still working hard to find and document every chest in the game. If you wish to help and know of a chest that we have yet to find, please email us at and we will, of course, provide credit where credit is due.

Fallen City


You can get to the section on the map shown below from the northern exit in the Abandoned Subnet. Proceed right when you have the Shuriken and follow the winding path until you see a half-buried robot. The wall to the left can be walked through and inside, is a chest.


When you have the Kunai, this chest can be found by jumping on the floating platform that you can see outlined in the big room two to the left of where Tabby is in the map below.

From here, use your Kunai (or double jump if you can) up to the cave on the right where a chest awaits within.


For this chest, you’re going to need to have obtained the Rocket Launcher after having defeated Zensei at the Zen Mountains. Head here…

Upon standing on the platform here, shoot downwards with your Rocket Launcher to propel yourself upward and whilst in midair, grapple onto the top.

Proceed leftward and go up and around so that you can fire a rocket at the breakable boulders, where a chest is waiting for you.


This chest is in the starting point of the game, however it can only be accessed until you’ve obtained the ability dash in Robopolis.

From the left side of the as shown below, this wall can be walked through.

Go through and dash past the bars to get to the chest.

Haunted Factory


For this chest, we would need to have entered from the Artificial Desert and having fallen down the pit. When we land, Take a left.

Ideally we will want to get over the spikes with the SMGs, however you can simply jump across and take some damage in the process (depends on how confident you are and how much health you have, I guess).


In the room where you first meet the Ghostbots, there is a wall to the left that can be walked through that is situated just above the bend.


When you keep following the path to the right, after the long conveyor belt and the spiked pillars, head up the chain block and a chest is waiting for you on the left.


In the section of the map shown below, you may think to want to run through at the most opportune time. However, your best bet is to use your Kunai on the wall to your right and jump on top of the chain blocks to completely avoid being squashed. Continue to the left when they chain blocks go down and jump to the next group. Do that once more where there are two blocks and as they go down, walk to the right to hide in the crevice there. When the chain blocks start moving up, run to the left through them to safety.

When you get to safety on the ground, run to the right and you’ll find a chest tucked away in a corner.


This chest is part of the main pathway as you’ll be locked into a brawl with continuously spawning enemies. We’ve faced these enemies before, so it’s all about using what we’ve learned and collecting those sweet gems once they’re down for the count.


This chest is also part of the main pathway, with this one being available as soon as you defeat Furious Ferro.

Quantum Forest


To the north of the Quantum Forest in the room shown below, head through the exit going upward.

Use your Kunai to get up there and when you can, use it again to hook onto a non-slippery wall that’s up out of screen.


From the last chest we just found, if we head another room to the left, you’ll find a room with a Save Point.

In the top-left corner, there’s a hidden chest behind some vines.


No need for any special abilities here, just simply track down the hidden entrance behind the hanging vines as shown below.


In this mid-southern area of the Quantum Forest map, you’ll first be able to get there when you obtain the ability to double jump.

Jump to the left over the canyon, double jump and use your Kunai on the only part that you can as shown below to get to the other side.

Double jump here, but not too high that you hit the spikes on the ceiling.


From just below the fork in the road with the middle of this room, head up-left and run to the end, avoiding the spikes to get to the chest.


Now go up the up-right fork and there waiting is another chest.


The map location is where the chest is, but getting there is the real challenge.

From the ledge shown below, double jump as high as you can manage.

Then fire your SMGs downward as a jetpack as much as possible in order to land on the slippery blocks.

Head to the right into the room where you’ll be trapped inside. Simply kill a couple flybots and when you do, the chest will appear.


Make your way up to the room shown on the map below.

With enough momentum, use your left Kunai on the line of ceiling that you can grapple onto. Let go when you begin to swing upward and let go to propel yourself up into the air and through the top-left entryway.

This here is the Cool Club. You can only be permitted in if you have something cool, like SMGs.

To the far left, there is a chest.


In the room shown below near the Disconnected Woods, a little south from the robot that first tells you about the Map Chip, is a room where a chest is hiding in plain sight.


To get to this chest, it’s best if you go from the Robotics Lab (where you started), but you’ll first need to have obtained the Rocket Launcher. Use it on the rock boulders that are in the top-left corner of this area.

Keep moving leftward until you reach the Quantum Forest. Here, you can head upward with your Kunai and find the chest.

Artificial Desert


In the Artificial Desert section shown below, you can use your Kunai to climb up the walls above into the gap where the enemies come out from. Up here, you’ll find a chest tucked away nice and snug.


Over here, you’ll find a hidden wall in the top left portion of this map frame.


This chest is in the bottom-right of this section behind a hidden wall. This section is right before the Shuriken Shrine.


This chest was a sneaky one, but it’s hidden in the room as shown below.

This chest is hidden on the right side of the room, behind the pillar thing as pictured.


For this chest, we just need the Shuriken. Head to the position on the map shown below.

In the bottom-right hand corner, use your Shuriken on the button that’s on the ceiling behind some vines.

Head up, left and down to the middle section where the door has now been opened and on the right side is a chest.


For this chest in the Artificial Desert, we’re going to need to have acquired the SMGs. Head up the floating platforms that have the spiked creatures walking around the platforms until you get to the top.

Use your Kunai to grapple onto the ceiling and swing to gain momentum. Let go to the left and then use your Kunai again on the very edge and launch yourself leftward.

When you’re at the highest point, use your SMGs like a jetpack and make for as far left as possible. Once you’re in range of the ceiling that you can grapple on, do so and swing to safety in the top-left corner where a chest is waiting for you.

This task is admittedly a lot easier you have upgraded your SMGs to have your ammo last longer or obtained the ability to dash, but the chest is achievable without them, it’s just much more difficult.


From this section on the map in the Artificial Desert, head upward.

To do this, cling to the left wall, kick off to the right and Kunai onto the top to use the momentum and propel upward to the right.

Whilst at your highest point, shoot your Kunai up-left onto the wall up there.

Now you can get up and shoot a Shuriken upward to the button to go through.

Now stand on the platform below and shoot the Shuriken to the button to get it going.

Use your Katana to hit and break the cracked blocks so that you can continue on your way. From here, be sure to jump up and down, keeping in line with the moving platform.

At the end, you’ll want to drop down to the left side to get the chest.


This chest can only be reached after you have obtained the Rocket Launcher.

Fire downward to propel yourself upward where hidden above is the chest that we’re after.


For chest #9, we’re going to need the Rocket Launcher which is obtained from Zen Mountains.

In the frame shown above, blast through the rocks to obtain the lone chest on the other side.


This chest can only be found once you’ve obtained the ability to dash (which is during Robopolis).

From the point shown on the map, you may recognise this area from a previous chest that we collected (#7), but instead of riding the platform, we just want to dash through the bars on the right.

Shuriken Shrine



Where there’s a fork in the road that we cannot proceed rightward through, when you drop down to the bottom, proceed to the right through the spikes as there is a hidden room here.


There’s yet another hidden wall in the bigger room that is to the far right within the Shuriken Shrine. Where the pathways fork downward, both left and right, head down the left fork and follow the road around until you reach the big room with two bees. The hidden wall is to the left in the middle of the two exits as shown below.


From the big room that we got the last chest from, head through the top-left exit and proceed leftward across the spiked area and through to the next room where you can zip underneath through a hidden wall.


When you finally get through the right fork in this section, there is not only a switch, but a chest on the other side of the spikes.


After Defeating The Guardian, there will be a chest… this one isn’t exactly rocket science.

Abandoned Subnet


After the Deprecator boss fight.


Underneath the left side of the main long brickwork is a secret opening which at the top is a chest just waiting for you to find.


In the room pictured below, jump to the top-right corner where there is a hidden entrance and a chest waiting for you.

Crypto Mines


The first chest here in the Crypto Mines is part of the main path in plain sight.

Double jump to the left and use your SMGs as a jet pack to get to the other side.


In this frame, jump over the lava to the left to land on the ledge.

From here, jump once up-right and use your Kunai on the breakable block above. You need a wide swing so that you can propel up to the top-right corner without touching the lava.

When you’re up here, double jump and land on the platform above (if you have obtained the ability to dash at this point, all the better). Run leftward and drop down to find the chest.


In the room shown below, there is a hidden entrance to the right before the drop.

There is a chest above just waiting for you.


In this frame, there is an hidden entrance in the bottom-left corner that you can simply walk through to enter a room with a chest.


When you have obtained the Rocket Launcher, blast the boulders that are blocking the pathway here. In there will be a chest waiting for you.

Zen Mountains


In the second big open room in Zen Mountains, proceed to the left and use your Kunai on the ceiling.

Now do some intense spelunking by using your Kunai to continually jump and clinging to get higher.

When you get to the top, there’s an opening where you can slingshot upward (or climb, but slingshotting is cooler).


When you’re following the main path, take a quick right at the section shown on the map below and there’s a chest tucked away in there.


In this room shown below, head up the left wall to the top-left.

Up here, there is a hidden opening that is hiding a chest.


From this section of the Zen Mountains shown below, proceed to the right for an alternate area.

Run to the far right of this room and double jump onto the cloud.

From the cloud, double jump to the left to make it as far as possible and shoot your Kunai to the block on the roof so that you can swing to the top-left platform.

Double jump upward and head up and around, following the linear path.

Swing to the left along the ceiling and get to the top-left section where a chest is situated.


Obtained upon defeating Zensei in Zen Mountains.

#6 & #7

In this section of the Zen Mountains map, a robot will be standing there mentioning a ‘leap of faith’. This is referring to the spikes to the left as when you jump into them, you’ll simply fall straight through to a new section.

Keep following the path downward, taking out Samuraibots along the way.

When you get to the end, you’ll be confronted by many enemies. Take them all out and two chests will be your reward.

#8 & #9

As the road splits into two here, we want to head right to find two chests at once.

When heading right, you’ll want to dash through the bars.

The hidden entrance here is behind the waterfall.

Continue through the linear path, using your Rocket Launcher on the boulders and your Kunai to weave through the spikes.

And after all that, you’ll be rewarded with two chests.


In the big tall room with a lot of floating platforms, there is one platform connected to the right wall approximately halfway up that has a chest.



This part of Robopolis is in a little store to the right of the three hanging platforms by rope.

Notice anything behind the robot shopkeep? That’s a chest!


After you get the first chest of Robopolis, head to the bottom-left exit.

Run to the left and you’ll fall down a pit before you know it!

At the end of this path is a chest!


This chest in Robopolis is located at the back of the Sushi Bar in plain sight.


In Thumper, the place that sells exotic animals, there is a chest right behind the clerkbot.


I’m sure you noticed that other chest tucked away in the top-right…

Well when you’re outside, use your Kunai on the wall and climb it as there is a hidden path up there.

You can indeed walk up through here and drop down to the chest.


This one is part of the main game as it’s when you get your stuff back in the prison.


When you get all of your stuff back when in prison, jump onto the floating platform.

Jump to the top-right of the room and attack the breakable blocks so that you can get the chest.


As you’re breaking out of the prison, following along the linear path and get to a crossroad, you’ll want to go left to get the chest.

Here, take out the Shieldbots (there’s nothing more satisfying than taking out three Shieldbots at once with a Rocket Launcher!).

And at the end is a chest!


In the section of the map shown below, jump to the rightmost building and jump up through the bottom to get inside.

When inside, use your Kunai side-to-side so that you reach the top.

Now that you’re up there, go get that chest!


In the Church of Skebin, you have a time trail race that if you finish it in time, you obtain the Robe from a chest.


In the foyer of the Church of Skebin, there is a room that leads upward. To get there, you can grapple up-left onto a corner up there where there is a chest waiting for you.

Sky Fortress


This chest can be obtained when opening the second door in the Sky Fortress.

As shown in the map below, there is an invisible wall in the top-left corner.

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