Knight Squad - Switch Review (Quick)

Knight Squad - Switch Review (Quick)
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Knight Squad is 1-8 player party action game that has you competing in various modes in order to emerge victorious. Upgrade your weapons, swing your swords and complete objectives to become the bravest knight of them all. To arms!


  • 13 different game modes with some really frantic ones that are a lot of fun to play with friends in a party setting.
  • Easy pickup-and-play structure that works well when bringing the game to a party full of people who have never played the game before.
  • Many weapons and upgrades to experiment with.
  • No technical hiccups
  • Online leaderboards

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  • Controls don’t feel quite right, often leading to cheap and frustrating deaths.
  • The single-player Challenge Mode feels lacklustre, providing no story or context.
  • Long load times
  • Each character plays the same, only altering cosmetically.
  • AI bots are aggressive but dumb – especially in the Soccer mode.
  • Not colourblind friendly, especially in Serial Killer mode where it’s all about going for the enemy of a specific colour.

Final Score: 65%

Knight Squad is the perfect game when the gang gets together. Its various modes keep it from being easily disregard as a one-and-done mediocre experience and turns it into a party game that can be easily revisited for its frantic fun. However once your friends have left the party, Knight Squad will be quickly uninstalled for its lack of single-player replayability; and with a lack of personality to call its own, it is easily forgettable.

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