"Killer Queen Black," and "Overcooked 2," Officially Confirmed, And More!

"Killer Queen Black," and "Overcooked 2," Officially Confirmed, And More!
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Credit Team 17

Last week rumors circulated after a leaked image emerged online that the sequel to the popular co-op game “Overcooked” would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch, alongside “Killer Queen Black” a title that has been dominating the arcade scene.

Confirming this speculation, Nintendo revealed both games in their E3 direct.

Remiscient of the old arcade title “Joust,” “Killer Queen Black” pits teams of five players against one another in a battle to win in one of three ways. Players can either kill the opposing queen, fill their hive with berries that are collected on stage, or destroy the enemy hive through the use of a giant snail. The game exploded in popularity and has been one of the key titles in the arcade resurgence occuring in bars across North America. The trailer can be seen below.

Another co-op game, “Overcooked 2” is the premier indie cooking game. Working together in the kitchen, players have to time their actions and make their way through the different stations to chop, dice, and fry the incoming orders. Players can choose to play alone if they wish, but the real focus of the game is all about hectic team-based efficiency, which makes the Nintendo Switch the perfect platform thanks to the detachable Joy-Cons that allows local co-op on a single system. You can see the trailer below, and can buy the game for yourself on 7th August, 2018.

The final indie surprise making a showing at Nintendo’s E3 direct was Team Cherry’s “Hollow Knight.” Originally announced in 2017, the game saw substantial delays and long periods where fans knew little about the fate of the title on Nintendo’s newest platform. The atmospheric platformer was the winner of many awards, and has been heralded as one of the best indie games available on any platform. It is available for purchase right now on the Nintendo E-Shop for 15 dollars, and will include all the content released so far, along with a new DLC pack available later this year.