Kickstarter Project of the Week: Garlic

Kickstarter Project of the Week: Garlic
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For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we will be looking at Sylph Arcade’s Garlic. The game is slated to release in December 2020 on PC, with a Nintendo Switch port as a stretch goal.

Here’s the overview:

Garlic is a platformer I’ve been developing since early 2020.  The mechanics are simple, you have a wall jump, and a dash attack. Using these together allows you to perform tricky feats across challenging platforming challenges! The game is inspired by similar platformers, such as Celeste and Super Meat Boy, with their risky yet rewarding platforming, and player deaths galore!

Most all traps/enemies will instantly kill you, but don’t worry, you’ll respawn swiftly! Some of them are a different kind of threat, if you get hit by some of them, you’ll start flashing pink, or get burning or so! Don’t worry, our root-to-root-for will heal quickly, just don’t get hit a second time! Some of the dangers will alter your moveset, as well!

The story involves our protagonist, Garlic, climbing the Sacred Tower to find the Goddess who will grant his wish. However, the Goddess accidentally encounters him before he reached the summit, and falls madly in love with her! Now, Garlic has a new goal!

As you climb the tower, there will be quicktime events which will allow you to seduce her, depending on how skillfully you completed the random task. These tasks range from cleaning a room (telepathically or not), to walking like a badass warrior(while avoiding stepping on shit). Don’t forget to collect the crystals along the way, as you may need them for later! Much like the putrid smell of garlic, the game’s risque humor may make you turn your nose!

The Sacred Tower is planned to be divided in ~12 zones, each zone containing 10~15 levels. Some levels are fixed screen style(think Megaman),  while scrolling levels allow you to roam freely, or not so freely, if they automatically scroll! Each zone corresponds to a theme, each with special enemies, traps and occasionally a palette change.

The 1 bit art style is a visual art choice that has become increasingly popular recently and with Garlic‘s 3D depth, it gives this project it’s own unique style that stands out amongst the rest. In addition, the personality and wacky soundtrack gives Garlic a distinct quirkiness that is favourable with its minimalist design. Top all this off with smooth 2D platforming gameplay and Garlic has a very unique flavour… just like the vegetable.

Garlic requires €5,000 and it is currently sitting at £2,921.22 after 165 backers with 22 days remaining. However, to get Garlic on Nintendo Switch, the campaign requires €10,000. If you’d like to support the development of this game to help it come to Nintendo Switch, click the link below to visit the Kickstarter page.

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