Kickstarter Project of the Week: Haiku, the Robot

Kickstarter Project of the Week: Haiku, the Robot
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For this week’s Switch Kickstarter Project of the Week, we will be looking at Mr Morris Games’ Haiku, the Robot. The game is slated to release October 2021 on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch.

Here’s a brief overview:

Haiku, the Robot’ is a 2D action-adventure platformer heavily focused on exploration set in a post-apocalyptic world of virus-infected robots and machinery.

Enter a strange and unexplored land full of adorable robots, hidden secrets, and evil virus-infected machines. Discover different weapons, items, and abilities that will help you progress and discover new areas.

Designed and developed by one guy hoping to recreate that special feeling of being dropped into new unexplored territory and setting off on a new adventure.

Inspired by movies like The Matrix and games like The Legend of Zelda: BoTW.

Haiku wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world where humans no longer exist. After the extinction of the human race, machines were the only intelligent beings left to inhabit the planet. 

Four artificial intelligent beings soon evolved and developed a world of order and stability. Programs and machines lived in peace for many years, until the virus spread.

It corrupted the programs first, then after, the machines. The machines could not function without the correct programs and so the world began to break down.

It’s up to Haiku to restore order!


  • Classic side-scrolling action in a modernized retro pixel art style.
  • Sharp and precise character movement and attack abilities.
  • Hand-drawn pixel art brought to life with frame-by-frame animation.
  •  Metroidvania at heart heavily focused on exploring and being rewarded for it.
  • A vast interconnected world with secrets, enemies, and quirky little robots.

Haiku, the Robot appears to recreate that atmosphere of isolation, exploring and learning about a civilisation that once was. Inspired by The Matrix, artificial intelligence is all that remains on this desolate planet and as the virus spreads, Haiku, the Robot looks to provide a satisfying level of intrigue with gorgeous pixel art. To see all that Jordan has created in just one year of solo development, it is astounding at just how much he has achieved and with enough funding, the sky must surely be the limit.

Haiku, the Robot requires £22,000 and it is currently sitting at £11,081 after 422 backers with 26 days remaining. If you’d like to support the development of this game to help it come to Nintendo Switch, click the link below to visit the Kickstarter page.

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