The Messenger - Key of Chaos Walkthrough (with images)

The Messenger - Key of Chaos Walkthrough (with images)
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The next task is to obtain the Key of chaos, to which the Prophet (if you speak to him) will give you this riddle:


If you get a hint from the shopkeep, he’ll tell you that you need to go here…

The Messenger Key of Chaos

The quickest way to get here is to use the teleport portal to get to Searing Crags. If you haven’t done that yet, then you should probably do this section first, unless you’re OK walking there.

From this frame, head right and down through to the Underworld.

The Messenger Key of Chaos

However if you are at this frame and cannot get across, then you’ll need to get the Lightfoot Tabi which is obtainable in this guide.

The Messenger Key of Chaos

Upon entering the Underworld, make your way to this frame and run across the lava through to the bottom-right entrance.

The Messenger Key of Chaos

The next section has some difficult challenges, but the key is to not stop running when you’re on lava, otherwise you’ll fall in. Once you’re at the frame where the shopkeep said to go, you may be a little confused as to why there is no key there. But the goal is to continue and head to this frame…

The Messenger Key of Chaos

And here is where you’ll encounter the Key of Chaos!

The Messenger Key of Chaos

We hope this short guide on the Key of Chaos has helped.

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