Indie World December 2020 Recap

Indie World December 2020 Recap
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It's been a while since the last Indie World presentation but the wait is finally over. However, whilst release dates are underway, Nintendo did stress that, because of COVID-19, these are subject to change. Here is the full recap in case you missed the presentation:

Spelunky & Spelunky 2

Publisher Blitworks
Developer Mossmouth
Release Date Summer 2021


Publisher Rogue
Developer Playfellow Studio
Release Date Early 2021

Very Very Valet

Publisher Toyful
Developer Toyful
Release Date Early 2021


Publisher Hypetrain Digital
Developer LEAP Game Studios
Release Date March 2021


Publisher Yacht Club Games
Developer Mechanical Head Studios
Release Date January 26 2021


Publisher Linda Cassells
Developer Whitethorn Games
Release Date Later Today

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Publisher PID Publishing
Developer Ustwo Games
Release Date Spring 2021


Publisher Playism
Developer Petit Depotto
Release Date Early 2021

Happy Game

Publisher Amanita Design
Developer Amanita Design
Release Date Spring 2021

Super Meat Boy Forever

Publisher Team Meat
Developer Team Meat
Release Date December 23 2020


Publisher Capybara Games
Developer Capybara Games
Release Date Later Today

When the Past was Around

Publisher Chorus Worldwide Games
Developer Mojiken Studio
Release Date Later Today


Publisher Modern Wolf
Developer Pixel Delusion
Release Date Early 2021


Publisher PM Studios
Developer Skrollcat Studio
Release Date April 2021

Hazel Sky

Publisher Another Indie
Developer Coffee Addict Studio
Release Date March 2021

Trash Sailors

Publisher tinyBuild Games
Developer fluckyMachine
Release Date Spring 2021

Finding Paradise

Publisher X.D. Network Inc
Developer Freebird Games
Release Date Spring 2021

Among Us

Publisher Innersloth LLC
Developer Innersloth LLC
Release Date Later Today

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