HyperParasite: Double Trouble Boss Guide

HyperParasite: Double Trouble Boss Guide
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Just like with any roguelite, much of its boss fights will depend highly on your preparation, as is with HyperParasite. However, much like Double Trouble, the boss will have certain tells that help to make your stay in their domain just that little bit more convenient.

See those two SWAT vans? They are what we need to take out. This may come down to personal preference, but I would always suggest tackling the right one first. Why? I’ll get into that later but if you focus on taking one out instead of bouncing back and forth between the two, the second-half of the fight will be a lot easier to manage.

For the first segment of this boss fight, the vans won’t attack and you’ll only have a max of two standard enemies coming out of manholes to deal with. Make sure that you take out enemies that you haven’t unlocked yet and try to the keep the ones that you have unlocked alive if you can so that you can take over their bodies if your host is to be taken out.

You’ll want to keep moving, ideally by circling the van that you’re targeting. To hit the van, you need to aim for the open sections that don’t have a barricade around them. If you’re using a weapon that needs to be reloaded, keep this in mind and only shoot when you can (or take out enemies until you get to an unguarded section).

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After a little while, the vans will bring out their gun turrets and start attacking. The vans won’t ever move, but their gun turrets sure pack a punch. The top-left van will target you and fire rapid bullets, following your movement; the bottom right van will shoot out in a star, so staying in one place would be ideal, if it weren’t for the other turret targeting you.

The reason why I suggest taking out the bottom-right van first is because the bullets from the top-left van are easier to avoid when you are further away from them. The trick is to be aware of when the top-left turret begins aiming at you, which you’ll see from the red tramline lasers pointed at you. When you see this, make sure to keep a little distance from yourself and the bottom-right van as it will soon shoot outwards and once you know where the safe spots are, continue attack (whilst moving to avoid the top-left van’s attack) until you take it out.

When you’re just left with the top-left van, you will have a lot more freedom. Take it out by consistently (and I really mean ‘consistently’) circling it and attacking its vulnerable spots. It’s all quite straightforward from there and once you’ve destroyed both vans and taken out the remaining enemies, you’ll be proceeding onward to Asia Town.

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