How Long is Space Pioneer? From Beginner to Hardcore Gamers

How Long is Space Pioneer? From Beginner to Hardcore Gamers
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Before buying the game, you may ask, “how long is Space Pioneer?” and instead of giving a one and done answer, we know that there are players of all different skill levels out there. So we’ve laid it out to cover all basis…

For Beginners: 10 hours

Space Pioneer has a gradual increasing difficulty with not many difficulty spikes. However if you’re not planning out your arsenal correctly, you may die a lot, causing multiple attempts on the same level. The RPG system may take a bit of time to adjust to, but you can’t exactly brake it.

For Experienced Players: 7 hours

Experienced players should grasp the basics of the RPG system easily enough as it isn’t particularly complex. You may find yourself spending more time upgrading your weapons and gear and trying out new options than anything else.

You may die a few times, but each level only takes a couple minutes, so it won’t set you back too much. The gameplay is also quite repetitive, so you’ll get the hang of it really quickly.

For Hardcore Gamers: 5 hours

Hardcore Gamers should breeze through Space Pioneer, but not without taking some time to master your weapons and gear. There are a lot of different combinations to try out and with each level wanting you to mix it up to gain more stars, this should be a cinch for those who want to adapt.

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For Speedrunners: 2-3 Hours

The levels are quick and bite-sized, with some taking less than a minute to do. If you know what you’re doing with upgrade RPG mechanics, you can easily breeze through this game without enjoying the low-poly scenery along the way.

At level 10, you also get the choice of the Light Armour which makes you move around quicker but more susceptible to damage. For those trying to get the best runtime, this will help along the way.

For Completionists: 20-25 hours

As soon as you defeat the final boss, Space Pioneer contains and endless run mode that will let you continue upgrading your equipment and earning trophies. Speaking of trophies, there are 80 trophies to unlock that are split into bronze, silver and gold; the shinier the trophy, the harder to obtain.

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