Gato Roboto: Lava Mouse Boss Guide

Gato Roboto: Lava Mouse Boss Guide
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The Lava Mouse is the second boss in Gato Roboto and arguably the most difficult. It took us a few attempt to defeat it, so we figured we’d do a quick guide for it…

First things first is to make sure you don’t stand on the platforms on the far left and far right of the room. There will be fire – it will hurt. Also don’t worry about trying to do any damage to Lava Mouse until the lava is gone, which will happen. For now, simply concentrate on avoiding its attacks.

The first attack that the Lava Mouse will do is shoot a flame one side and then that’s just about finished, shoot an energy ball to the other side. The best way to avoid these attacks is to obviously stand on the other platform but when the energy ball comes for you, simply double jump upwards to avoid it as shown below.

The second attack will be the flamethrower that will drift from one side to the other. Wait for the flame to be halfway in-between the two platforms and jump and dash through to the other platform (be careful not to dash too far; it’s probably best to jump and dash from the middle of the starting platform).

After a while of dodging, the Lava Mouse will start shooting up two beams of lava back and forth. Simply dash through them, back and forth until the pool of lava has dissipated.

Here is when the true battle begins!

Your most opportune moment to attack is after you’ve dashed through the lava beam when it is making its way towards you. To dash through it, double jump first so that you’re above the boss, then dash through. Once you land, jump and take aim at his glass helmet to inflict damage.

When the Lava Mouse walks towards you, simply dash through its legs. After you dash through it and it’s still walking the other way, it’ll be sending energy balls out behind itself. In this brief moment, I wouldn’t recommend shooting missiles at him as the recoil may push you into harm’s way. Instead, simply shoot some blaster shots at him.

Continue to repeat this process and you’ll whittle the Lava Mouse’s health down and be victorious!