Etherborn Walkthrough - World 2: Desert of the Mind

Etherborn Walkthrough - World 2: Desert of the Mind
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Etherborn is a 3D puzzle platformer that has some very tricky puzzles. Each world gets increasingly difficult, but to continue on with our Etherborn Walkthrough, let’s get started on World 2: Desert of the Mind

Puzzle #1

Head down the ramp and go up the other side of the pillar. Fall to the right onto the next platform and then fall right again all the way down to the floating island to collect the first Orb Key.

From this island, run to the right all the way around and fall to the next area below.

Run off to the right again onto the pillar. Go around the rounded corner and then run up to grab the second Key Orb.

Now make your way back to the floating island and drop down to the platform below. Run down the curve to the left and place the Key Orb into Keyhole. With that bringing up the bridge across the lava, cross it and grab the next Key along the way. Once you’ve done that, walk down the curve just below…

Then walk left to the platform below and then up once again to grab the next Key Orb.

From here, jump over the lava to the left. Run around all the way around until you get to here…

Drop down to the ledge below, run to the right, jump up and run up the slope so that you’re next to the Keyholes. Run back over the bridge to where the Keyhole is that activated the bridge across the lava and deactivate it by collecting the Key Orb from it. Once you’ve done that, run to the right and drop down as shown below…

Drop down to the ledge below, then to the next ledge. Run right and jump up a ledge. Run up the curve again so that you can get to the Keyholes and place the Key Orbs in them in order to activate the bridge.

To get onto the bridge, run down the curve you came up by and run around to the left to get to the bridge.

Run up the pillar and grab another Key Orb. Run back down and go down the curve down-left from where you are.

The camera will flip and you can then run up the thin ramp. Jump onto the step at the end and then up to the floor with the Key Orb.

Run up the curve to the left and and place the two Keys that you have into the Keyholes. Run around and to the right in order to drop down onto the slope.

Collect the final Key Orb and run back down the slope so that you’re upright. Keep running downwards to go down the next curve. Jump from step to step onto the ledge above, run around agin and place the third Key into the third Keyhole, revealing the end of Desert of the Mind.