Etherborn Walkthrough - World 1: Shapes of a Memory

Etherborn Walkthrough - World 1: Shapes of a Memory
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Etherborn is a 3D puzzle platformer that has some very tricky puzzles. Each world gets increasingly difficult, but to get our Etherborn Walkthrough started, let’s go with World 1: Shapes of a Memory…

Puzzle #1

Collect the Key Orb and put into into the Keyhole, making a bridge and allowing you to cross. Once you’d done so, collect the next Key Orb in the far-left corner of this room.

Now instead of putting the Orb into one of the two Keyholes above, head to the far right and place it into that Keyhole. Now you can cross to the right.

Whilst crossing the bridge, you can see the Key Orb already – but how do we get it? Well, proceed as far right as you can, go up and walk over the curve so that you are now walking along the side.

Then proceed to the left and fall down where the Key Orb is…

Now proceed across the bridge and walk over the arch to be upright again.

Drop down, grab the other Orb Key to dismantle the bridge and now with two Keys in hand, place them in the two Keyholes further onwards to proceed. Continue as far as you can down the linear path until you get to the second puzzle.

Puzzle #2

Walk down the curve, to the left and grab the first Key Orb here above the bushes next to the pillar.

Now walk back up the curve and walk halfway up the ramp just to the right. Once you’re halfway up, walk off of it to the right in order to fall to the far right wall, allowing you to grab the second Key Orb.

Walk back in between the two pillars, jump down so that you can walk up the curve back so that you’re upright again. Walk up the ramp, put one Key into the Keyhole and a platform will rise up. Run onto the platform and jump across to the second Keyhole.

Place the other Key Orb into the Keyhole on the other side, completing the bridge. Then jump back to grab the first Key Orb from the Keyhole.

Jump across the gap back to the second Key and take that one out of the Keyhole as well. Run down the curve on the platform that you’re on and place a Key into both of the Keyholes…

This will pull out the platform some more. Walk to the left and down the long walkway where there is another Key Orb there.

Head back up, over the curve and to the left in order to put that new Key into the other Keyhole. With the platform pulled out some more, run down the curve and to the left.

Standing sideways, fall down to the next platform, walk across the bridge and up the hill until you reach the Green House.

Puzzle #3

Go inside the Green House and grab the first Key Orb. Then exit, walk to the side of the Green House and walk up the side of it to the top to grab the second. For the third, jump onto the raised part of the ceiling and run down its curve all the way so that you find the last hidden Key.

Make your way back up and over the Green House to solid ground and make your way over to the left where there are three Key Holes and place them in, making another bridge.

Puzzle #4

Fall down into the gap within the bridge and then down onto the platform below.

Proceed upwards and left, up the ramp pillar and walk off at the end to land on the next pillar.

Walk down into the middle of the halfpipe, jump off to the left and cross the sideways bridge to the far left…

Proceed to the left and that’s the first of four worlds completed!