Dark Burial - Switch Review (Quick)

Dark Burial - Switch Review (Quick)
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With the army of the undead advancing on your homeland, one brave warrior must take up their trusty crossbow and use it to slay the evil that lays before you and use your bolts as platforms to proceed onward. Dark Burial is a simple game that’s all about moving from left to right across its 18 levels, where a well placed may be the difference between life and death.


  • Jumps straight into the gameplay; has a short tutorial at the beginning to teach you the basic control scheme and then you’re on your own.
  • Interesting platforming mechanic of the crossbow that can be used to make platforms as well as fight enemies.
  • Illumination ability allows you to easily see what your crossbow bolt would stick into.
  • Pixel art and music conveys the game’s melancholy horror tone well.

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  • Odd physics, making your character feel too heavy for how fast they move.
  • Shooting arrows feels clunky and awkward.
  • Enemy difficulty is ridiculous, with clunky controls, awkward jumping, archers rapidly shooting arrows at you and tiny enemies that are almost impossible to hit with a horribly aiming bow; so many frustrating deaths.
  • Horrendous difficulty spikes
  • Glitches had me going through walls.
  • Grammatical errors in opening dialogue
  • Looks like an early 2000s PC flash game.
  • Soundtrack is repetitive.

Final Score: 30%

The aesthetic, along with its low price point, pulled me in (especially when I picked up Dark Burial for only 15 cents), but its subpar controls, unreasonable difficulty spikes and lack of visual/audio variety had my left eye twitching within the game’s opening five minutes. It’s not often that I would discourage buying a game for a couple of coins but in this case, they could have been better spent at a vending machine for a can of Pepsi. Keep scrolling, trust me.

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