Cricket Through the Ages - Switch Review

"A hysterical romp that had me audibly laugh out loud"

Cricket Through the Ages - Switch Review
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Half of the time, if not more, I hear how Cricket can be a long and tedious sport for the elegant and serious mood (as any sport, it’s not for everyone). However, in this case, this does not apply, as Cricket Through the Ages is a game that truly takes place through the ages. It begins in the prehistoric age, assuming no rules or even clear roles, allowing the player(s) to enjoy a basic interaction. It’s a cricket parody.

The Good

Cricket Through the Ages is definitely a game for everyone; I would say no special skills are required, it’s easygoing, and even better, it is highly recommended to share with others, relax, and laugh a bit. The physics are wild and overly dramatic, which undoubtedly will result in hysterical laughter.

The story takes place throughout both the past and the distant future. With each scene, the location changes and thus, so does the gameplay. This helps to decrease repetition while providing a diversity of options, including the instruments and the roles assumed by the players.

For real fans of cricket, this game is more of a comedy than a historical passage, but it does not discard the sport at all. At certain stages, it is possible to see the implementation of rules (sort of), which allow players to play for points and have an actual competition.


  • For everyone
  • Simple and enjoyable
  • Variety of scenarios and “sport” equipment
  • Allows competition

The Bad

In the cricket games (the actual games of cricket where you hit a ball of some kind with a bat), when the story finished, I wished I could go back to select the score, rather than it being random. It isn’t possible to select a goal (amount of runs), which can generate long games, and even a tedious round.

The characters run at each other in one single direction, which at times, can limit strategies such as walking back or attacking from behind. The controllers also got a little unresponsive, causing moments that had both players stuck.


  • Not able to set a score to play to
  • One-way directional movement

Final Score: 8/10

Cricket Through the Ages is a hysterical romp that had me audibly laugh out loud throughout its entire two-hour run time. It takes the sport and tells a silly historical recap from the Prehistoric Age to a zany space age. It's a short experience, and while it's certainly not perfect, it's an absolute hoot and you'll absolutely remember it for years to come.

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