CD Projekt Signs New Agreement with The Witcher Author

CD Projekt Signs New Agreement with The Witcher Author
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It has been no secret that the author of The Witcher book series (Andrzej Sapkowski) and developer of the video game series (CD Projekt) have had their issues in the past, but today was a step in the right direction with both parties signing a new agreement that allows the award-winning studio to continue on new projects.

We’ve always admired Mr. Andrzej Sapkowski’s works — a great inspiration for the team here at CD PROJEKT RED. I believe today marks a new stage in our continued relationship.

Adam Kiciński, President and Joint CEO, CD PROJEKT

CD Projekt states that this new agreement satisfies the “needs and expectations” of both the studio and Sapkowski and ensures a continued partnership for the future, allowing the studio with full rights to the intellectual property in video games, graphic novels, board games and merchandise.

With the release of the Netflix TV series having just launched, the series has been succeeding at reaching a wider audience with each passing year. Now that this new agreement is in place, it seems safe to assume that a fourth instalment in the video game franchise is on everyone’s mind over