Blaster Master Zero 2 - How to Get the Good Ending

Blaster Master Zero 2 - How to Get the Good Ending
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In Blaster Master Zero 2, there is both a good ending and a bad ending. We’ve already covered the bad ending, but there are a few requirements in order to get those sweet sweet credits. We’ll need to complete three side quests given out to three NPCs that you’ve come across throughout your journey. Let’s go through them.


Head to Montoj in Area B in the left part of the map in the upmost dungeon.

Go inside the Dungeon and speak to Gonbei. He will ask you to go to search the planet Montoj for eight scattered coins; they’re all pretty easy to find as their locations are shown on the map.

Upon return, Gonbei will give you the Emblem-Kuebiko.


Head to Stranga in Area E. Speak to Kanna and she will ask you to go to Flosante in Area A in order to get the Nu-Nasae Herb.

In Flosante, head to the door that’s to the bottom right of the bigger part of the map. Here, you can now use your Drill ability to drill down and be able to access the door. Go through this bit and at the end, there will be the Nu-Nasae Herb. Collect it and head back to Kanna and she will give you the Emblem-Eir in return.

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Head to Divido in Area F/F2. Head up to the top-right section of the map. Speak to Stein and then you’ll need to find ‘a space-suitable “booster”‘.

Now proceed to Area C and board the SHIP L-229. On the map, you may notice a chest to the bottom-right(ish). Head there, collect it and head back to Stein in Divido. After some more dialogue, he’ll give you the Emblem-Atom.


Now that we have collected the three Emblems, it won’t be game over when you defeat Planade-G and the story will continue. Make your way through the game some more and you’ll come across the start of the final boss – Drolrevo.

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