Blaster Master Zero 2 - How to beat Planade-G

Blaster Master Zero 2 - How to beat Planade-G
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Blaster Master Zero 2’s final bosses, Planade-G, is definitely a difficult one and for a while, I couldn’t seem to figure it out. That was until I realised that a lot of this sequel is based around the mechanic of falling from great heights in order to recover SP.

When you do this, you’ll damage the eyes of Planade-G, dealing a little bit of damage to him. You can get higher by jumping on the rock platforms. Whilst doing this, waves of enemies will come at you. Because of this, I’d recommend using the Impact ability as it quickly takes out a lot of enemies around you without exhausting too much SP.

When Planade-G only has approximately a quarter of health left, you may notice that some of your landing hits aren’t connecting. That’s because the eyes are moving off of screen for around 6-8 seconds and will return for only a short period of time. For this, try to jump from platform-to-platform, but not too high so that you can’t see when the eyes return (because they don’t come back for long). If you wait too long, Planade-G will restore health (and we don’t want that).

You don’t need to hover too high up every time because this will exhaust too much SP which is needed for your Impact ability for those pesky enemies that flock around you.

Keep doing these last quick jabs at him when the opportunity arises and Planade-G will go down in no time! Do note, however, that this is the bad ending. So whilst the universe is being destroyed, at least you can take solace in the fact that you defeated the final boss of this particular ending…

But if you’d like to finish the good ending and see those sweet credits, click here.

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