Blaster Master Zero 2: Final Boss - Drolrevo | Drolrevo Mastro

Blaster Master Zero 2: Final Boss - Drolrevo | Drolrevo Mastro
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Drolrevo and Drolrevo Mastro are the final bosses of Blaster Master Zero 2, but only for the good ending. If you’re not sure how to get to the good ending, then click here.


When fighting Drolrevo, you’ll need to use W.Bind on the bubbles, followed up by Spark so that it sends the bubble into Drolrevo. After doing this a few times, some dialogue will start.

Continue to do your best trying to dodge the laser beams and the floating eyes, but don’t get comfy as Drolrevo will continue to slowly heal itself. It won’t take much for more dialogue to begin and reinforcements to arrive.

The game will go into a first-person perspective. Here, just mash the A button.

Drolrevo Mastro

This fight is a tough one (which you’d assume so as it’s the final boss). The battle is colour coordinated, with Drolrevo Mastro’s changes in colour representing his moves. During the fight, he’ll often go Super Saiyan. This means that he is about to unleash even scarier versions of his attacks.


He’ll start the battle in purple, firing three shots at you either from the ground or the air. These you’ll just need to dodge as best you can.


Blue means he will also throw out bubbles that will stick to the ground or walls. These can actually be destroyed before they burst and will sometimes give you health or SP boosts. When he’s beefed up, he’ll send four bubbles out, either on the wall or on the ground. I recommend using the Impact ability on these guys to destroy them all with two attacks. Not only will you avoid potential damage when they pop, but you may also get bonuses.


Drolrevo Mastro in green means he’ll send massive balls of death at you which you’ll just need to jump over. When he turns into Super Saiyan mode, there will be two of him and he’ll send a ball of death at you from both the left and right sides. When this happens, jump and hover for dear life!


As orange he’ll attack with a quick laser jab. As soon as you see him in this colour, get as much distance in between you and him as possible. However when he’s mad, he’ll do a big explosion. Once again, just avoid at all costs. Orange is a danger colour!


Red means he’ll send drills at you. These drills can also be destroyed and can sometimes give you health or SP. As a Super Saiyan, he’ll send a huge wave of drills at you from the ground. Hover upwards and avoid them at all costs.


When Drolrevo Mastro a weird black/grey/purplish colour, he’s fair game! Get up close and fire everything you have at him!

Once you’ve taken out all of Drolrevo Mastro’s health, congratulations! You won!

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