Blasphemous: Ten Piedad Boss Guide

Blasphemous: Ten Piedad Boss Guide
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Blasphemous is a tough game, so it’s not surprising that the boss battles are tough too. Ten Piedad is the second boss fight, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

If you’ve had some time to explore, it’d be best if you’ve added the ability to throw ranged attacks and/or dash attack. But in case you haven’t, we’ll cover the guide excluding these abilities.

One of the first attack you’ll see from Ten Piedad is a stomp attack that will give you a second to dodge backwards. Once that’s done, you can jump back towards the enemy, avoiding the vine growths that come up and then letting you get close for an attack.

Another attack will be Ten Piedad swinging his arm at you. You can dodge away from this but if you’re quick enough, you can jump over it, allowing you to remain close for attacks.

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Ten Piedad will also shoot seeds out; one at first but more as its health dwindles. Not only will you take damage if they hit you but if they land on the ground, they’ll grow into vines that’ll remain there. Make sure you get ride of them by attacking them so that you don’t take any damage.

When Ten Piedad lifts both of its arms in the air as shown below, its going to slam the ground and vines will sprout up on both sides. At first, there’ll be three, but more will appear as its health depletes.

Keep attacking at the most opportune moments and you’ll soon come out victorious.

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