Blasphemous: Crisanta of the Wrapped Agony Boss Guide

Blasphemous: Crisanta of the Wrapped Agony Boss Guide
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Blasphemous is a tough game, so it’s not surprising that the boss battles are tough too. Crisanta of the Wrapped Agony is the game’s second-to-last boss, so things are about to get real. Let’s get into it…

When it comes to equipment, anything that boosts defence, speed and recovery time are your best friends.

Cristana has two primary sword slash attacks and you can predict which one she is about to do by the way that she positions herself. Usually, the first attack will follow by the second but that won’t happen every time, so be on your guard. The first image shown below is her quick attack that has a wide blade reach, but she won’t move. You can predict this attack as she will move her left (back) foot forward, scrape her sword along the ground and bring the sword down then up. If you’re close, this attack can either be parried or dodged.

The second attack usually follows, but it can sometimes go first. This attack is the one to watch out for as she will dash the entire lengths of the screen to get to you. Don’t try to dodge it, your best bet is to parry. You can tell Crisanta is about to perform this attack as she will position her cape towards the screen and bring the sword up then down onto you as she dashes. When she is at a distance and performs the first attack, the second attack will ALWAYS be the dash attack.

If you perform as successful parry, she’ll be momentarily staggered, allowing you to perform your own dash attack. Just try not to stick around for too long as she may regain her footing quicker at times; best just to get in a quick attack and retreat in order to prepare yourself for the next attack.

This next attack will have Crisanta retreating up into a corner and preparing a lunge attack from one corner to the opposite. There are two possible outcomes of this attack: she will either send shock waves around her when she lands, or she’ll land and bounce back into the middle. After studying the attack frame-by-frame, there is no way to tell which attack is coming until she lands. So, your best bet is to quickly dash to safety and if no sparks appear when she lands, go in close for an attack. If sparks DO appear and you’re at a safe distance, it’s a good opportunity to heal up.

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When you get through half of Crisanta’s health, she will begin to do a glide attack. It will always be best to retreat to the other side of the frame and focus on parrying every attack (even those that come from above). Wait it out until she is done and sometimes she will appear right in front of you, allowing a quick combo before she starts retaliating.

From there, it’s all the same; it just comes down to whether you can outlast her. Good luck!

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