Black Future '88 - Juno and Jupiter Boss Guide

Black Future '88 - Juno and Jupiter Boss Guide
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Black Future ’88 is a roguelike, so you may find that you just need to get the best weapons, but knowing their patterns couldn’t hurt. Juno and Jupiter are a tag team duo of human and sentient robot, but they’ve got nothing on us!

Juno and Jupiter are tricky because you have two foes to take down. But not to worry, there’s a simple way to do it. You’ll want to take Jupiter (the human) out first because if he’s the last one standing, he’s tricky to take down. So while we do that, we’re just going to have to watch out for Juno’s attacks.

Jupiter has a relatively straightforward attack where he’ll either be on the ground or on the platform to the far side. When here, he’ll face toward you and perform a sword beam attack that it is best to avoid by being either below or above him. You can dash through the attack if you wish, but you need good timing.

The best time to go all out on Jupiter is when he’s on a platform above you. This way, you know that you can fire as many weapons as you like without the risk of being hit by his attack. Just watch out for Juno at the same time.

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Juno will teleport toward you when he’s trying to move and will attempt to do so exactly where you’re standing. When he does that, make for a platform either above or below him.

Keep at this until Jupiter is taken down and Juno enters frenzy mode (which really isn’t that much different).

You’ll see Juno charge up its beam, so you’ll have a few seconds to move out of the way. You’ll notice that this beam is charging when you see a thinner red beam flashing in your direction.

This beam moves slightly, but not so much where you’ll need to keep jumping from platform-to-platform. Simply find a safe spot and let loose with your attack.

Juno will continue to fire its regular attack and will have gained the ability to teleport to your position like Jupiter was doing. When this happens, simply continue moving so as to not be met with a barrage of bullets (remember the strategy we used with Jupiter when he was teleporting around the place).

Keep at it until Juno has been taken down and victory will be yours!

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