Black Future '88 - Duncan Boss Guide

Black Future '88 - Duncan Boss Guide
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Black Future ’88 is a roguelike, so you may find that you just need to get the best weapons, but knowing their patterns couldn’t hurt. Duncan is the tough fight we’ve been building up to so in addition to finding good weapons and upgrades, knowing his tells will surely help our chances.

Duncan’s first attack will most likely be his bullet spray. This attack doesn’t have a very long range, so standing just out of its reach and using a long ranged gun is ideal for this attack.

Secondly, you’ll want to be careful when Duncan fires out a big ball of energy. When this happens, attempt to create as much space between you and it as possible.

When that ball of energy hits the ground, it’ll explode outwards in a single wave. This is probably the easiest attack to avoid as you can either dash through them or use a melee weapons the hit the bullets away.

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Try not to concern yourself with where you’re hitting Duncan as it all does the same amount of damage.

Probably the most difficult attack to avoid is when the machine starts shooting parts of itself at you. The tell is that it will turn into what faintly resembles a spaceship and follows your direction. Create as much space between you and Duncan as possible and use any platforms at your disposal to create variety in your height. The attack will lineup with your position but once it’s set, it’ll proceed in a straight line.

Lastly, you’ll notice a countdown enemy appear every now and again. It’s best to take these out as soon as they appear, otherwise they can cause some devastating damage or simply get in the way.

That’s really all the help we can give on this boss fight. A lot of it is making sure you have found some good weapons and upgrades along the way, which is the nature of procedurally-generated games like this.

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