Black Future '88 - Dr. Avalanche Boss Guide

Black Future '88 - Dr. Avalanche Boss Guide
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Black Future ’88 is a roguelike, so you may find that you just need to get the best weapons, but knowing their patterns couldn’t hurt. Dr. Avalanche is sneaky as he likes to use mirror images of himself, but we’re more for him to handle!

First, a standoff! Dr. Avalanche will fire his uzi at you in a spray that ranges approximately 60-75 degrees. I don’t think I need to tell you that you’re just going to have to avoid these like you normally would: dodge, dash or using a melee weapon to knock them out of the way.

Hit Dr. Avalanche enough or pass enough time and he’ll grab his heart, making a loud groaning noise. It is here when he’ll duplicate himself, creating black mirror images that shoot at you and cannot be hit.

When this happens, a little floating blob thing with an eye will float around and whilst the mirror images are attacking you, the eyeball is all you can attack if you want to cause some damage.

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Once the mirror images have stopped shooting at you, a bright beam will appear from each of them that will lead back to the floating eye. These beams don’t cause damage if you touch them, but they mean that the images are about to reform with the eyeball and that can cause damage if you get in the way of them reforming. Once they’ve all become one, Dr. Avalanche will be back in his original state.

And repeat until victorious.

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