Welcome to Switchaboo, friend. We cover Nintendo news and reviews, primarily for Nintendo Switch and its games. You'll also find biographies of many significant people at Nintendo who became a great influence on the company.

I (David Liu) founded Switchaboo in 2017 and Alex Harding was Switchaboo's first writer (and so naturally falls into his current role of chief writer/editor for Switchaboo) but also its strongest advocate. Since then, we've worked together to bring you articles about topics that we hope you find as interesting as we do.


David Liu - Founder of Switchaboo

Doctor by profession (not the PhD kind); Apple fanboy forever; and got to be #8 in Australia for Mario Tennis Aces at one stage. I founded Switchaboo out of a combination of love and impulse, though Alex has been the one that has kept me wanting to keep putting more into it over these years. I've written a few articles here and there and do digital things with the website. I've also been responsible for hiring and the business direction of Switchaboo, and combine forces with Alex to do the marketing together.

Favourite Switch Game: Mario Tennis Aces
Favourite Indie Game: Tough one! I'm super excited in the ones that haven't come out yet, like Soundfall.
Favourite Game: Paper Mario: the Thousand Year Door

Alex Harding - Chief Writer/Editor of Switchaboo

Conqueror of platforms; typing specialist; admirer of chocolate; I go by many titles but Chief Writer/Editor at Switchaboo would have to be my favourite. I am generally one to broaden my gaming horizons, whether it's playing the latest Nintendo release or a small indie dev's passion project. Nintendo and video game history has always been a topic that's fascinated me and I hope to one day write and publish a book on it to cross it off of my bucket list. I graduated from The University of Adelaide in 2018, majoring in English and minoring in Japanese (しかし、あまり覚えていません。)

Favourite Switch Game: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Favourite Indie Game: Hollow Knight
Favourite Game: Banjo-Kazooie

Along the way, we've recruited more talented writers who are eager to share their thoughts and opinions on the gaming landscape.

Nathan Rudge

I am a proud father of a mini Nintendo fan and an avid fan of the RPG genre as a whole with special love for JRPGs and turn-based games. Most of my available downtime is spent lost in thought with Dungeons and Dragons. Whether it be thinking about my character in my fortnightly game or building my own world and story to run for my friends, I spend way too long thinking about it. I was brought into the team here at Switchaboo by complete chance by winning a competition and then realising the person sending me the email happened to be an old friend from high school. ‘One Piece is too long’ is not a valid excuse to not start watching or reading it.

Favourite Switch Game: Super Mario Odyssey
Favourite Indie Game: Stardew Valley
Favourite Game: Chrono Cross

Steve Whiting

I love writing and I love video games, hence why I joined the team earlier in 2020! I’m more of a traditional/insular gamer in that I grew up in the 90’s (i.e. the pre-internet gaming era) and therefore rarely play online; I’m happier playing through a single player campaign on my own than online with a bunch of randoms! But that’s just me. I go weak at the knees for any Metroidvanias these days and much prefer games of that ilk over more linear games. I’m fortunate enough to work in the games industry in my day job too which is great fun. Based in the UK, I recently dug out all my old consoles to revisit some of my childhood classics on the SNES, Megadrive etc. Other hobbies/passions include football (as in soccer), craft beer and updating Wikipedia football/soccer pages.

Favourite Switch Game: Super Mario Odyssey
Favourite Indie Game: Axiom Verge
Favourite Game: Tombi!/Tomba!