A Guide to Premium Cylinders and Money Making (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

A Guide to Premium Cylinders and Money Making (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
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Featured with permission by IceDynamix

Premium Cylinders

Premium Cylinders are good. Like… really good. But are they worth their money? I mean, they do cost a whopping 25kG at Dev Lv5

Where do I get them?

You can get them by:

  1. turning in your Salvager Rank from Mochichi, a Nopon in Argentum
  2. or buying them in the cylinder shops.


All you need to do is long rest at an inn, check if you got them in your shop. If not, repeat.

Let me clear some common myths.

  1. First of all, there is a chapter requirement. (Don’t know which though, but seems like chapter 9 is the requirement for following strategy)
  2. There is no Dev Level requirement.
  3. There is no Salvager Rank requirement.
  4. Premium Cylinders appear randomly in shops.

The actual process

I started with 641.060G.

After buying 25 Premiums (625kG) I have 16.060G.

I’m going to salvage at the Jubilee Gate, Lower Level, Cliffs of Morytha. The pattern here is (A)(A)(A). The reason I’m salvaging at the Cliffs of Morytha is because the Stratospheric Hoop is dropped here. It gives 120kG for 5 of them. This is the item that will give us the most profit. You trade the items at Upper Level, Cliffs of Morytha. The vendor must be unlocked by a side quest.

Useful trades that are offered here:

Name of offer | Item | Money gained

  • | – | – | Salvager Spirit | 5 Stratospheric Hoops | 120.200G Sea of Stars | 5 Ancient Star Compasses | 48.200G For Good Luck | 5 Lucky Telefactors | 48.200G

Stuff I have equipped additionally:

  1. Boreas with Salvaging mastery Lv3
  2. Beta Scope on Nia

The monsters that appear there are always floating above the void. I equipped Beta Scope (reduces enemy break resist), let Nia/Mòrag break and Rex topple. The monsters will fall into the void and it will be a guaranteed insta kill on any level, as long as you break them. They rarely appear with Premiums (I had 2 in 25 Premiums), but do appear more often with Golds (every 3 Cylinders).chance of monster may change depending on level, this was observed at Lv99

End Result

After using all 25 Premiums I have 651.012G from the chest money drops alone, which means I got 9.952G profit.

Here are the items I was able to salvage:

  1. Stratospheric Hoop (35)
  2. Ancient Star Compass (34)
  3. Lucky Telefactor (35)

Which results in:

35 / 5 × 120.200G = 841.400G

30 / 5 × 48.200G = 289.200G

35 / 5 × 48.200G = 337.400G

Trade Profit: 2.670.000G

9.952G + 1.468.000G

= 1.477.952G Total Profit

So in the end I made 1.47 million G profit from 25 Premium Cylinders.



EDIT: Grammar, Formatting

EDIT 2: I’m completely stupid. How could I have gotten 85 legendary items from 25 salvages? The explanation for that would be probably previous salvages. I salvaged before but didn’t trade the Hoops in. The spawn rate of the Hoops is about the same as the Compass and the Telefactor, so I’ll just recalculate everything with 35 Hoops.